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“Immaculately written, recorded and produced from her home studio, each element of the song is laced with parts of her soul.”

- Jennifer Pudney, Chalkpit Records

"Brenna continues to deliver good music. Her talent speaks for itself. She’s a rising talent."

- LeFutureWave

"Her synth-pop production creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for her velvety vocals."

- Elena Lin, Glasse Factory

Brenna Erickson is an American pop songwriter and artist based in Jacksonville, FL. Born in a Minnesota small town to two music teachers, she has always had the ambition of creating music, which led her to study music production in Memphis, TN at the age of 18. Inspired by pop producers such as Max Martin and Shellback, who created the sounds of her childhood, Brenna self-produces songs featuring fresh productions, unique melodies, and honest lyrics. She has released a handful of singles over the last two years, including ultra-relatable “Things To Do” a couple of months into quarantine last year.

“One Hundred” was her first single of 2021 and was written for a friend who was going through a rough time. She wanted to let her friend know that she would be there for them and that everything would be okay. It also serves as a reminder to all of her listeners to be gentle with ourselves and to lean on our support systems because it’s okay not to be one hundred 100% of the time.

Her newest single, “Call You Later” is the sad girl anthem you need this summer. Full of energy, this Kylie Minogue inspired track was inspired by the struggle of maintaining relationships when just taking care of yourself feels overwhelming. It’s the perfect song for cry-dancing on rough days.


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